The monograph «Introduction to restorative justice (Mediation in Response to the Crime)» by L.M.Karnozova (in Russian)

The monograph «Introduction to restorative justice (Mediation in Response to the Crime)» by L.M.Karnozova has published at Prospekt publishing house.

The monograph focuses on the analysis of the conception of restorative justice and mediation in criminal cases as a way of its implementation. The restorative justice is considered in the context of development of modern penal justice as a landmark in historic searching for more appropriate and valuably acceptable ways of responses to the crime; the influence of common intellectual situation and new types of rationality on the formation of new views on justice is shown.

In this work the method of mediation in conflict resolution and particularities of its use in criminal cases are brought in; Russian judicial conditions of the use of mediation in the sphere of criminal procedure and the practice of restorative justice programs (Victim-Offender mediation) in Russian juvenile justice are considered; the problems of institutionalization as well as the strands of work for dissemination and establishing of mediation in criminal cases in Russian legal system are analyzed.

For legal scholars, mediators, psychologists, judges, law enforcement and social services, commissions on juvenile affairs and defense of their rights; for those who involved in theoretical and judicial development of new criminal legal and procedure institutes; for students of law schools and liberal arts students, post-graduates, recent graduates who are in the process of developing their professional attitude.

УДК 343.13
ББК 67.410.2

Karnozova L.M. Introduction to Restorative Justice (Mediation in Response to the Crime) :  the monograph. – Moscow : Prospekt, 2014. — 264 p.

ISBN 978-5-392-12409-1.

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