L.Karnozova. Criminal justice and civil society. Experience of paradigm analysis. (2010)

Criminal justice and civil society. Experience of paradigm analysis.

The book represents integrated research on how civil society influences the development of the criminal justice system.

It focuses on the problems of relations between justice and a person, the possibility of overcoming the limitation of juridical knowledge when solving the main question of justice.This book covers such forms of justice in which juridical thinking is organically combined with other types of thinking and humanitarian practices such as jury trial, juvenile justice and restorative justice. These mechanisms of participation in justice are new for Russian citizens. They are analyzed in relation to changes in criminal justice happening during recent centuries.

The book contains combination of theoretical and methodological analysis with the discussion of modern problems facing the Russian criminal justice system; insertion of ―the past‖ into the context of current discussions. This makes the book helpful and interesting for many jurists and practicing lawyers, psychologists, experts in humanities, public figures, students, post-graduate students and teachers in legal and humanitarian areas, in addition to everyone involved in improving the criminal justice system..

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